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Get to Know Neven

Check our frequently asked questions to learn more about our company and our sleep products.

We are innovators and manufacturers of patented and patent-pending luxury mattresses designed to provide you with individualized support and help you sleep at your optimal temperature.

Neven designs and manufactures high-density and ultra high-density mattresses, which use UltraFlex™ and NeutraFlex™ foam springs to provide a unique level of support. Also, breathable foam layers were developed to maximize airflow throughout the layers, providing a breathability to our mattresses that cannot be found elsewhere.

Our mattresses employ a patent-pending design with custom-cut foam springs crafted to conform and support the natural curves of your body. The mattress supports your specific body type and shape, rather than your body having to conform to the mattress. These collections also include horizontal and vertical air channels designed to enhance airflow and disperse heat, creating a sleep experience that’s comfortably neutral in temperature.

In addition, all Neven mattresses are made of high-density and ultra high-density specialty foams, such as our exclusive Sensory Foam® Cool Onyx and Sensory Foam® Gel as well as Sensory Foam® Gel hybrid foam—premium materials that not only feel luxurious, but are ultra-supportive, and specially crafted to last and last.

No. We do not use memory foam in any of our products. We have found that memory foams have a much greater heat retention than do other types of foam and are temperature sensitive. Neven uses foams which are pressure sensitive, rather than heat sensitive, which allows the mattress to provide maximum support without the heat retention of memory foams.

Yes! All Neven mattresses are quality crafted and expertly made by hand in the United States, which allows Neven to carefully control the quality of every product made.

Spot clean the cover using a warm, soapy solution of mild detergent, being careful not to saturate the area; air dry.

Our mattresses come with a 10-Year Limited Warranty.

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