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The NeutraBliss® Collection

Experience total comfort with our luxurious NeutraBliss® Collection. Our Sensory Foam® Cool Onyx and Sensory Foam® Gel combines cutting-edge heat dissipation with unparalleled pressure point relief to keep you comfortable all night long. Two independent and infinitely flexible foam spring layers work in harmony to provide individualized support while virtually eliminating motion transfer. Horizontal and vertical air channels inside the mattress deliver full ventilation that combines with our cool touch covers to provide a night of temperature-neutral bliss.

Along with its unmatched quality, superior support and perfected comfort, your Neven mattress carries a warranty that rivals all others in its class.

NeutraBliss® Ultimate 14″ Plush

(Coming Soon)

NeutraBliss® Premier 14″ Medium


NeutraBliss® Luxe 13″ Medium

(Coming Soon)

NeutraBliss® Supreme 13″ Firm

(Coming Soon)

“I am pretty athletic and I am usually sore from one thing or another…
I tried out the Neven Ultimate, and I didn’t want to get up!” —Andrew

NeutraBliss® Features

  • Sensory Foam®
    • Sensory Foam® Cool Onyx offers ultra accelerated heat dissipation
    • Sensory Foam® Gel dissipates heat faster than traditional foams
    • Sensory Foam® senses pressure and adapts itself to your natural curves
  • Foam springs
    • UltraFlex™Infinitely flexible foam springs move independently providing individualized comfort
    • NeutraFlex™ foam springs are designed to maximize support and durability
    • Foam spring layers work together to virtually eliminate motion transfer
  • Complete Airflow
    • Vertical airflow channels through the entire mattress provide for temperature-neutral sleep
    • Both vertical and horizontal channels allow air to circulate throughout the spring layers
    • Advanced technology uses cooling fibers which are woven into the mattress cover
  • American Made
    • Designed and constructed in the USA
    • Supported by an industry-leading 15-year limited warranty
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