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Neven Pillows

Each Neven pillow is crafted using cutting-edge, specialty foams, designed to provide a refreshing night’s sleep. While infinitely flexible foam on one side offers a softer feel, a smooth surface on the reverse side provides firmer support. Airflow channels throughout help dissipate heat to keep you at the ideal temperature all night long. Lastly, a cooling fabric cover soothes you to sleep.

Sensory Foam® Cool Onyx Pillow

Our Sensory Foam® Cool Onyx pillow is specially formulated to dissipate heat faster than traditional foams, adapting to your natural curves to provide individualized support. Available in Queen & King sizes.

“For the first time EVER, I took a pillow on vacation (yours)…..It’s awesome!”

Sensory Foam® Gel Pillow

Our Sensory Foam® Gel pillow adjusts with your every move, allowing for faster heat dissipation while providing exceptional pressure point relief. Fast response time allows you to effortlessly change positions. Available in Queen & King sizes.

US Patent No. D738,644 S
US Patent No. D751,322 S

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